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Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

Human Rights
at home, abroad and on the way...

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Realising Rights

SELF-ORGANISED GROUPS IN THE ALLIANCE: Affirming the role of very small organisations and directly affected groups – including trafficking survivors, migrant women, sex workers, rural women, women workers, and returnee migrant women – in anti-trafficking efforts.

GAATW has always highlighted the pivotal role of women directly affected by trafficking and/or anti-trafficking measures in anti-trafficking efforts. The self-organised groups (or groups comprising women with direct experience of the issue they are working on, e.g. domestic worker-led groups) in our membership have articulated: how anti-trafficking measures have impacted their lives; how they envision human rights based anti-trafficking practices; how processes of personal recovery and activism intersect; how policies intersect with women's aspirations and their realities; the difficulties in accessing support if they operate outside of mainstream NGO frameworks; and an analysis that stems from lived experience of various issues.

Self-organised groups' issues and priorities will be woven into the 3 programmatic directions above and integrated across all GAATW programmes. However, we will also continue to maintain spaces for collaboration with self-organised groups that may fall outside of the 3 directions above.

SOG Members List (Click on the names of the organisations below to read more about their work and contact information)

• Action for Reach Out (AFRO)

• Asociacion Civil de DDHH Mujeres Unidas Migrantes Y Refugiadas en Argentina (AMUMRA)

• Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong (ATKI-HK)

• Cambodia Prostitutes' Union (CPU)



• Sindicato de Trabajadoras Domesticas(SINTRASEDOM)

• Movimiento de Mujeres Unidas (MODEMU)

• National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM)

• Sanayar-thi Pan

• Self-Empowerment Program for Migrant Women (SEPOM)

• Shakti Samuha

• Sex Workers' Network of Bangladesh (SWNOB)

• Genera

Relevant Publications

• Respect & Relevance, GAATW Report 2007

• Speak Out, Take Action (Sex Worker's organisations in Bangladesh, Cambodia & India raise their voices against police brutality, GAATW 2004)

• "Partners in Change" Conference (2002) – stories of women's collectives & report

• Advocacy video project on Overcharging - IMW's say NO to Overcharging

Strategic Thematic Direction

During 2011-13, through our Power in Migration and Work thematic programme, we engaged more directly with the migrant rights and labour rights movements. During 2014-2016 our work will build on the work of previous years; we will continue to push for a human rights based approach in anti-trafficking policies and practices.  We will also deepen our engagement with the issue of migration and labour.

The three thematic strategic issues outlined below are continuations of our work during 2011-13.

ACCOUNTABILITY Increasing the accountability of all anti-trafficking stakeholders involved in the design or implementation of anti-trafficking responses, towards the persons whose human rights they purport to protect.

ACCESS TO JUSTICE Broadening spaces for trafficked persons and migrant workers to practice their human rights by improving access to justice and combating all forms of discrimination that impact women’s ability to exercise their human rights as they relate to trafficking.

POWER IN MIGRATION AND WORK Centring an analysis of women’s power in their labour and migration to better assess migration and labour policies’ impact on women, and to work towards labour and migration processes that reflect migrants’ needs, aspirations and capabilities.