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Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

Human Rights
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Victim Support Finland

RIKUVictim Support Finland (RIKU, from its Finnish name Rikosuhripäivystys) is a non-religious, non-partisan organisation that provides support and practical advice to victims of crime. It also works to improve the social and legal status of crime victims by influencing general attitudes, service provision and legislation. RIKU was established in 1994 and is based on a cooperation agreement between five major Finnish NGOs and the Finnish Evangelic Lutheran Church.

Since the beginning of 2015, RIKU has had a special focus on support to victims of human trafficking and is currently the coordinator of the Finnish national anti-trafficking NGO platform. RIKU provides its services to women, men and children, victims of any kind of human trafficking or related crimes.

Contact Details:
Address: RIKU, Maistraatinportti 4A, 00240 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358 40 630 9669
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KOK - German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings

KOK Logo2014The German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings– KOK e.V. was founded in 1999 and advocates for the rights of trafficked persons and female migrants facing violence. Currently, the KOK network consists of 37 member organisations across Germany, comprising a broad variety of different groups, including faith-based organisations and sex workers' rights groups. One of the main goals pursued by KOK and its member organisations is to improve the living conditions of trafficked persons and to help them assert their rights.

KOK brings together most specialised counselling centres in Germany working with victims of trafficking in human beings as well as other organisations addressing this issue. KOK’s work takes an intersectional approach, i.e. with the knowledge that there are many different forms of discrimination that may occur and reinforce each other. KOK’s work focuses on representing women’s, and, in particular, female migrants’, interests. Thanks to their experience, KOK offers expertise to all groups of trafficked persons.

KOK coordinates the efforts of its member organisations and other stakeholders involved in the issue of human trafficking. It transforms the experiences gained in grassroots counselling centres into political strategies. KOK informs policy makers, scientists, civil society and governmental and intergovernmental stakeholders on the complexity of anti-trafficking policies, and guarantees knowledge sharing across different levels. Some of KOK’s core activities are political advocacy, work in relevant committees and public relations.

Contact details:
Address: Kurfürstenstr. 33, 10785 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49  30 263 911 76 
Fax: +49 30 263 911 86
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Association for Community Development (ACD)

The Association for Community Development (ACD) was established in 1989 by social activists in view of community development with a philosophy of mainstreaming gender equality, social justice and good governance. ACD is committed to empower the most disadvantaged and marginalised women, children and adolescent girls whose lives have been suppressed under the traditional patriarchal societal system and economic hardship. In addition, ACD has been initiating its interventions by an integrated approach in view of establishing the rights of grassroots women and children, protecting violence against them, reducing gender based discrimination and establishing social justice with developing community care system. 


Contact Details
Address: H-41, Sagarpara, Rajshahi-6100, Bangladesh
Tel: +88 0721770660
Fax: +88 0721775383
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WofowonWOFOWON is the first non-governmental organisation in Nepal working to ensure the rights of women in the informal and entertainment sectors. Registered in 2008, WOFOWON has been working for ensuring human rights, freedom and dignity of women, young girls and girl children working in the informal sectors that are migrated from rural areas or trafficked internally due to various reasons. WOFOWON works against all kinds of discrimination, injustices, labour exploitation, physical and sexual harassments to women in informal and entertainment sector.

WOFOWON is not only an organisation but also a network and not only a structure but also a strength of women workers. Because the rights of women workers in the fields of informal and entertainment sectors has been violated due to the different reasons, to ensure their rights, WOFOWON has been launching various campaigns since its establishment. The main activities include awareness raising campaigns on safe migration, human trafficking, women health, and violence against women, capacity building and advocacy. WOFOWON is working to unite women workers and empower them collectively to raise voice for their rights through forming trade union and women’s groups.

Contact Details
Contact person: Gomawati Pun (Srijana)
Address: Gongabu, Kathmandu Municipality- 29, Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



ASTRAASTRA - Anti-Trafficking Action is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the eradication of all forms of trafficking in human beings, especially in women and children, through comprehensive approach to the problem with the aim of eliminating this specific type of violence and affirming a society free of exploitation, violence, discrimination and social inequalities.


  • To secure comprehensive support to trafficked persons
  • To advocate for respect of victims' rights, adequate punishment for perpetrators, and improvements of the National Anti-Trafficking Mechanism;
  • To raise awareness on human trafficking among the general public and specific groups;
  • To find comprehensive solution to trafficking in human beings and other forms of violence, discrimination, economic and social inequalities

Contact Details
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Hotline: + 381 11 785 0000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Strategic Thematic Direction

During 2011-13, through our Power in Migration and Work thematic programme, we engaged more directly with the migrant rights and labour rights movements. During 2014-2016 our work will build on the work of previous years; we will continue to push for a human rights based approach in anti-trafficking policies and practices.  We will also deepen our engagement with the issue of migration and labour.

The three thematic strategic issues outlined below are continuations of our work during 2011-13.

ACCOUNTABILITY Increasing the accountability of all anti-trafficking stakeholders involved in the design or implementation of anti-trafficking responses, towards the persons whose human rights they purport to protect.

ACCESS TO JUSTICE Broadening spaces for trafficked persons and migrant workers to practice their human rights by improving access to justice and combating all forms of discrimination that impact women’s ability to exercise their human rights as they relate to trafficking.

POWER IN MIGRATION AND WORK Centring an analysis of women’s power in their labour and migration to better assess migration and labour policies’ impact on women, and to work towards labour and migration processes that reflect migrants’ needs, aspirations and capabilities.