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Volunteers and Interns at GAATW International Secretariat

The GAATW International Secretariat (IS) receives a large number of enquiries and expressions of interest from people wanting to volunteer or take up an internship with us.

Most of the requests we receive are from young students from universities in developed countries. Many of them are able to use this internship as part of the requirement for their graduate studies. Many are also able to organise allowances from various foundations in their own countries to take care of their travel and subsistence. Occasionally we also receive messages from people who have been in Bangkok before and would like to spend some more time in the city doing volunteering work with an NGO.

If you are interested in taking up a volunteer's position or an internship with GAATW, please refer to the information below.

Volunteers & Interns: Although many people seem to be using these two terms synonymously we make a clear distinction between the two.


  • A volunteer has a flexible schedule and agrees to take up tasks or support GAATW staff in any task which has priority for us at a certain time. For example, if we are organising a big meeting or workshop we may be able to use the services of a volunteer in handling additional communications and other logistical work. Or a volunteer's help might be needed for library cataloguing and creating back up data for the organisation.
  • A volunteer can choose to give a certain number of hours per week and in consultation with the staff s/he works with, a flexible schedule can be worked out. Volunteering is an unpaid position at the GAATW IS although in some instances a small allowance can be arranged. The minimum period for volunteering varies; if it is for an event it could be for a few weeks, if it is for a specific task it could take up longer. However, if you are considering to travel to Bangkok just to take up volunteering, you should set aside at least three months for it. It does take time to get used to a new city and certainly to a new office environment.

And please note: If you are interested in taking up hands-on work such as providing assistance to victims of trafficking, the GAATW IS not the best place for it. This office is mainly a service and support organisation for GAATW's member organisations. Our main work is communications, documentation, information processing (research) and information production. Skills in those areas are extremely useful for our work. You do not need to have Thai to be able to work in this office as English is the working language.

Finally, if your volunteering request is rejected, it may just mean that we do not have any work at that point which can be done by a volunteer. A clear and concise application will help us make a decision and expedite the process. Share with us your main motivation behind wanting to volunteer with GAATW, specify the skills and experience which you have that might be useful for our work and tell us the time frame which is suitable for you. Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will certainly get back to you within 2 weeks time.


GAATW offers 2-3 internships per year. The minimum period of internship is 3 months. Interns need to have a clear research and documentation project to work on. The project can be initiated by the intern herself or it can be developed in consultation with the Coordinator of GAATW. In any case, the project will need to be in line with GAATW's strategic goals and current programme priorities. Interested persons are requested to send in their letters of interest well ahead of time as detailed discussions and some preparations on the planned project are necessary prior to the start of the internship. Structured supervision can be arranged for the intern in line with her university's requirement and GAATW's personnel policies.

In General

As with volunteers, prospective interns are also requested to make their applications as comprehensive as possible.

All prospective Interns and volunteers are requested to visit GAATW website and read the relevant information such as the Basic Principles, Mission Statements, and our current strategic priorities.

Applications are received and reviewed through out the year. GAATW IS is unable to provide any assistance in visa matters.